If you are interested in learning programming languages or increasing your number of skill acquisition, there are easier programming languages you can adopt as some are quite difficult. This article focuses on 6 of the easiest programming languages you can learn.

If you want to learn any of these programming languages, then you will need to get a computer and some other gadgets. You can easily read computer shops online reviews on Britainreviews.co.uk to know the right devices to buy and where to buy them. Below are 10 easy programming languages for you to learn:

1.     Javascript

This programming language simply refers to a source code that is open and makes use of C, C++ and Java functions. This is designed in such a way that these programmers are permitted to choose their choice of languages, one that is suitable for them. This programming language stands as one of the most creative and easy languages to adopt.

2.     HTML

This programming language is a language that suits most programmers as it is really easy and comfortable to learn. It was created in the 90s and it is also a language that is regarded as one of the standard languages for creating a website page as well as standard applications all through the internet.

3.      Java

This programming language is designed to own only a little build-up process as it possibly can. It can also be regarded as a universal purpose programming language that was created in the 90s. it is also known as the most adaptable and skilful languages to learn.

4.     Ruby

This programming language is an open-source and energetic language that focuses solely on simplicity and also known as one of the most functional and skilful languages to adopt.

5.     Python

This programming language is simply known for its easy syntax and readability skill that is high and simple to adopt. For those that are just beginning to learn to program especially the coding aspect, the programming language known as python which is easy and consistent, makes it easy to approach and use. It was created in the year 1989 and released in the year 1944 and has since then been in use.

6.     PHP

This programming language can be said to be a universal purpose scripting open-source language that is very much suitable for developing a website. It can also be inculcated into HTML programming language.

7.     Go

This programming language is one of Goggle’s open-source language that is suitable for assisting in web development apps using little frameworks, APIs or web servers. It is less tasking to send a Go application running on Google Cloud Platform. This programming language has a ranking of one of the most spontaneous programming languages ever.

8.     Ruby

This programming language is an open-source and powerful programming language with a direct focus on simplicity with a high ranking of functional and skilful process.

9.     Shell

This programming language is a computer program that is specifically designated to be operated by the Unix shell. It can also be used for executing a program, printed text and manipulation of files.

10.   Erlang

This programming language is known to be universal in its purpose, simultaneous and a skilful process to adopt. It can be used in the development of distributed and concurrent systems.

For newbies, some of these programming languages stated above require the knowledge of basic or fundamental skill such as coding. Once your knowledge of coding is sound, learning programming languages would be simple and easy.