Understanding Civil Litigation in Singapore

Civil litigation refers to the legal process where one party accuses another party of a wrong, but not necessarily a crime. If the matter were criminal, it would be referred to as criminal litigation. In different countries, it becomes important to understand all the laws surrounding civil litigation. Singapore is a country having laws that may be unique to the environment.

What Types of Legal Issues End Up in Civil Court?

Civil litigation matters that many people think about are personal injury lawsuits where a person has suffered an injury through no fault of his or her own. Other issues that are dealt with include, but are not limited to, copyright and trademark infringement, disputes between landlords and tenants, problems with insurance contracts, and problems between employers and employees. Quite often, tensions arise in corporate law with shareholders or officers of the company.

The Process of Civil Litigation

The process of going through a civil lawsuit can often be quite lengthy and stressful. It involves various stages that must be dealt with, such as the investigative, the discovery, and other similar procedural steps. During these processes, depositions are often ordered, research has to be done on the matter that has led to the lawsuit, and witnesses have to be interviewed. If necessary, the lawsuit will proceed to trial.

Many Litigation Matters Can Be Settled Out of Court

Trials are often the focus of television crime and civil dramas but, the fact is, many civil lawsuits don’t go to trial. The civil litigator wants to actually settle the matter out of court if it can be done to the satisfaction of all involved. If the matter is settled out of court, it is usually less expensive for both sides in terms of the length of the process and the actual costs incurred.

Getting a Civil Attorney in Singapore

Those people who reside in Singapore will want to secure the services of a civil attorney who has experience in dealing with and successfully litigating civil lawsuits. There are many lawyers that can find by doing research online. One law firm that people use for civil lawsuits is found at irblaw.com.sg.

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