Can Contacting an Injury Attorney Help Your Case?

Signs, commercials, billboards and more talk about contacting an attorney if a person is injured. People may know others who have been injured and who have contacted an attorney for help with their case. It’s only natural for a person to wonder if they’re really getting a good settlement offer from the insurance company or if they should go ahead and contact an attorney as well.

Insurance companies are going to try to pay out the smallest settlement possible after a person is injured. For minor injuries that don’t require a hospital stay or lengthy recovery period, this is likely going to be fine. They’ll have the medical bills covered, lost wages paid for, and personal property repaired or replaced if it was damaged. For more serious injuries, however, it never hurts to at least contact an attorney to learn more about whether an attorney is going to be able to help.

When a person is seriously injured and they must stay in the hospital or go through months or longer recovering from their injuries, it can be difficult to quantify how much the injuries actually cost them. Of course, they’ll know how much their medical bills are and how much their lost wages are to compare this to the settlement offer from the insurance company. If they’re severely or permanently injured, however, they might be able to obtain other types of compensation on top of these that are not quantifiable, such as compensation for the loss of enjoyment of life.

Speaking with an attorney gives the injured person a chance to learn more about their own case, the types of compensation they should receive, and what the insurance company is offering. During the initial consultation with the attorney, they can determine if the settlement actually is adequate or if there’s a chance they could receive added money due to the severity of their injuries or the facts surrounding the incident. This can help them determine if hiring the attorney is a good option.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and you’re not sure if hiring an attorney could help, go ahead and contact a personal injury attorney now. Through the consultation, you can learn whether or not you’ll need an attorney for your case and why it might be a good idea to receive their help.

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