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4 Important Swimming Pool Supplies You Must Have

To be certain that the swimming pool is clean and that there’s proper chemical balance to it, pool owners need to have easy access to important pool supplies.

Number 1. Pump – in any contained swimming area, pumps play a vital role. Just like the same concept in a fish tank, the water ought to be kept circulating and filtered for human bacteria or byproducts and harmful chemicals. You can ensure to have a safe swimming all the time with properly filtered pumped water as well as the addition of cleansing chemicals such as chlorine.

Number 2. A filter and skimmer system – among the most basic and most essential pool supplies, skimmer is one that you literally must have. This is a net placed at the end of a long pole that’s designed to help you catch leaves, junk, insects or unwanted debris out of the pool. Even if something happens to it, you can easily replace this particular tool. And the best part, it doesn’t hurt your budget in buying a new one as they’re inexpensive.
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Catching items before it is sucked in by the filters helps a lot in reducing your need to clean the filter more often. By skimming just before you jump into the pool can make it a lot more enjoyable as you don’t have to worry of running into small animals, dead insects or large twigs.
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Number 3. Chemical testing materials – it is essential to ensure that the water is balanced chemically. A common thing that has to be tested here is the water’s pH level. Now in general, the pH level of your pool should fall between 7.2 to 7.8. Some of the pH level testing kits are also capable of testing other chemicals and can determine chlorine and alkalinity levels.

Always remember that extreme temperatures may influence the pH level as well, which requires you to check its levels more often. Say that you find that the chemicals are off the mark, then you should shock the pool or a process that needs a big volume of chemicals to be able to disinfect it. You need to call professionals to get this job done and they are going to advise you to avoid swimming for some time.

Number 4. Tile cleaner – it is recommended to also have a tile cleaning agent. Tiles in your pool have constant contact with water and occasionally, this can cause buildup which may look unpleasant and might even affect the chemical levels of your swimming pool. You can prevent this from happening by using a tile cleaning agent.

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