How to Get Into the Field of Human Resources

Considering the fact that human resources is a fast-growing industry with plenty of opportunities for growth and success, many people are eager to enter this field. It’s anticipated that HR jobs will increase in the near future and the median annual income will be above the national average. Click here for more information.


Education and Training to Become a Professional in the Field of HR


While there are plenty of HR professionals with all sorts of different educational backgrounds, many HR positions require at least a four-year degree. A bachelor’s degree in human resources will provide the best training for a career in HR. Holding such degrees will also look better in the eyes of most hiring managers.


However, those without an HR degree can still be successful. Plenty of HR professionals have managed to have successful careers in HR without degrees. That said, times are changing. These days, starting a career in HR should ideally be done with an HR degree in hand.


Regardless of whether you obtain a general degree in HR or a more specialized practice within this field, you should take courses that cover categories like recruitment, management, training and compensation. There are also many other business courses that are related to the field of HR as well, so an interdisciplinary program is often a good idea to pursue.


On top of a college degree, many professionals may be able to seek out certification in specific HR disciplines. Large firms will sometimes also offer workshops that can expand an existing professional’s skills in HR. Completing a professional certification course in HR can help boost your earning potential.


If you’re already in an entry-level HR position, you may be able to effectively give your career a boost by earning a certification. In addition, this may also help you move from one department to an HR position.


Finding Employment in the HR Field


Finding a job in the HR field is not unlike finding any other sort of job in other industries.


General career sites will typically showcase a plethora of HR job opportunities, as do online job board resources which are a lot more specific to the HR sector. For instance, the Society for Human Resource Management offers a job board that is mainly for HR professionals, in addition to many others.


Some companies may look for candidates internally first to fill HR positions before they look externally for qualified candidates. It’s important to understand this if you are presently working for a big company and want to get into the HR department.


If your company offers an internal resource for new roles, such as internal job postings or a private online job board, be sure to check back on a regular basis for your opportunity to get in. Many candidates for HR positions are also making their way into HR jobs through online social and professional networking websites these days as well. If you are just getting out of college, an internship in an HR department may be the best way to gain the necessary experience required for your HR job search.