Should You Learn to Program?

The worth of learning to program is a controversial topic that has, in the recent past, received a lot of opinion and criticism.

With top tech icons like Steve Jobs commenting that everyone should learn how to code. On the other hand, we have people who believe that coding is a skill that not everyone should have.

We have web development companies like Wix, which in the opinion of many, has taken over the job that would have been done by web developers by offering already engineered websites.

Should we then encourage people to learn how to program? Well, continue reading to find the benefits, the critics of programming, and deliberation if programming is worth it.

Benefits of learning programming

1.   Good job prospects

Let’s be honest, programming has way better job prospects.

I mean technology is in demand, everything is shifting online and the only people who can manage this are programmers.

The job pays very well. If you get employed in a tech firm or some of these big tech companies, you get more than enough salary.

On the other hand, if you choose to freelance your skills, maybe on web development, game development, you still get better pay.

2.   The need to adapt to fast-changing technology

The closer we get to the future of a world that is tech-powered, then we shall need more tech gurus.

Machines, companies, home appliances, electric cars and so many more are programmed by software engineers.

If we need to blend in the future, we need to at least know how to program a computer.

3.   Teaches you how to critically think

Programming is more of a problem-solving skill than actual development.

We’ve heard a lot about having these skills to help you critically think. Which is true.

You will advance your math skills and this will automatically translate to better problem-solving skills.


1.   Flocking of the job market

One reason some people discourage others from taking a programming course is that they believe that the job market is flooded.

If everyone learns to program, then everyone will know how to code and there will be no need of getting a programmer to help you.

They also believe that the employment rate would have reduced meaning that the jobs will be less available.

Those who will get employed are only those with certification and not just any certification, the learning bar would have increased to at least a master’s degree in computer science or programming.

With this in mind, will there be jobs for all programmers? That is good for thought.

The defenses for this critic argue that it doesn’t matter whether everyone knows how to program, what matters is that you have unique problem-solving skills that will set you apart from the crowd.

They also argue that as the need for technology increases, then there will be demand for programming skills, and the higher the number of computer gurus the better it is for the community.

It is, therefore, better to wind up and say that this will depend on you. Do you side with the ideology of the critiques or you hold the opinion that everyone should learn how to program?

2.   Not everyone can code.

We have all heard the phrase, not everyone should code.

Well, the question is, is it true? Well, it depends, most people cannot code because they lack patience, they cannot study and take on a project and most of all, they give up.

Some people also fail because they believe coding is hard. I mean it is not easy, but it can be done. This category of people simply cannot code.

Where can I learn to program?

If you are looking to venture into programming, then there are many available options for you to start your journey.

You can choose to teach yourself how to code by starting with the basics of programming to more advanced languages. Self-taught programmers have a chance to Freelance their skills and earn a living.

You can also take the traditional route and apply to enroll in a computer science course offered by the university of your choice. This, of course, will be costly but the good thing is that you get certification which is extremely important if you want to work for the big tech companies.

There are also programming courses you can take online. This is in fact, the most popular one where you get to be taught or have the course given out to you at a fee and instructions and tests conducted.

Sometimes it might get difficult to decide what is the better course option for you. This is why I recommend that you visit US-reviews and find programming courses online reviews.

Read through the feedback left on the different course providers and make the right choice on what course to take.