Why must grown-ups continue education?

Many young people cannot wait to leave high school – they think being grown-up means having unlimited freedom to never solve a math question again in their lives, or watch movies from dawn to dusk for about a year. And indeed, the freedom that comes with adulthood is one that is saddled with responsibilities. You can no longer hide behind your parents – “dad made me do this!” – when your decisions go south.

A few months into adulthood and learning the magnitude of what it means to be grown-up, some get lucky enough to know what they desire in life and chart their course towards achieving it. Others, well, just wing it till something gives. One area that remains very key to discovering and leading a purposeful life, however, is to continuously engage in the process of learning irrespective of what stage one is in life.

Comments on review websites like ReviewsBird.com and others show that a large percentage of adults engage in some form of educational activities in their adulthood, whether as part of the process to improve their career progression, get into a new field of endeavor, get a degree, or for the pure passion of learning.

Particularly in this present age, where job specifications are evolving at unprecedented rates and past job descriptions no longer apply, many people have realized that to stay relevant, they need to acquire the knowledge and skill set for prevailing societal realities. Understanding which tutoring essentials to acquire might however be a challenge, but such challenges are not insurmountable.

If you are grown up and need some reasons or motivation to go back to school, below are a few:

  • It may sound cliché, but if you stop learning, you stop growing. Learning helps the mind to evolve and remain sharp, which means that continuous learning is a deposit into your future mental health status.
  • No matter how accomplished you are right now, it can still get better, and getting an education increases the likelihood of attaining better opportunities. At the very least, you could become an authority in your field, transferring your knowledge to the younger generation, which is truly altruistic.
  • Getting an education keeps you marketable. As a professional, businessman, or even sole proprietor, getting an education exposes you to prevailing best practices per time, ensuring that you tailor your service delivery towards time-compliant practices.
  • As an adult, you should be more in charge of your life (I hope!) and should have attained a level of clarity that might have been missing in the past. This means that your chances of success are higher in getting an education – you will likely be more practical and focused, especially since there will be no juvenile distractions.
  • Bonus point – it offers you a chance to meet other people and socialize. Unless you are involved in a one-on-one self-study, most educational opportunities open you up to lecturers, co-students, and a whole lot of faculty members.

What are you waiting for? Dust up your academic certificates, get online, and research which programs best suit your dreams and your life. If you do not start, you won’t finish, and getting an education at any stage of life is sure to be a challenging and fun experience. We wish you the very best!