Education outdoors has proven to be very beneficial. Getting children and teens out to nature for healthy outdoor recreation, education, and conservation opportunities can lead to a better quality of life.

Nature and time spent outdoors is a way to provide a safe and fun way to explore. It is especially important for young people in today’s world to reconnect with nature, freely explore the natural world, engage in imaginative play, disconnect from technology and video games and be part of challenging play.

Being outdoors can provide an educational experience because it supports and reinforces curriculum in a practical manner. Children can work together and directly learn about concepts such as leadership (and equally importantly, followership), as well as inclusiveness, and the value of working as a team towards a common goal while recognizing the unique attributes that each individual contributes.

Imagine hiking with breathtaking views, carefully preserved forests, and recreating in nature. This has more benefits than just the pure enjoyment of it, it promotes a healthy state of mind as it relaxes and decompresses. Outdoor adventures are so much more than just a fun time. Outdoor enthusiasts for instance, are usually tied to good health and environmental awareness, because their time in nature makes them consciously think about the natural world that we are surrounded by and how to value it and preserve it. Head over to www.gnc.com for more information on health.

Personal experiences in a variety of outdoor settings helps people, especially in younger ages, to feel more comfortable in a range of different environments. Learning firsthand about different settings and species. Familiarity and exposure to nature brings a respect for the natural world, as well as a recognition of the part it plays in the lives of all humans.

There are many opportunities to integrate the outdoors with family activities and with education, which is beneficial for the entire family not just the young ones. Exploring the Biltmore is a great example. As an estate nestled in mountains it provides an amazing array of outdoor activities that range from: biking, hiking, paddle boarding, and horseback riding to fishing.

Another benefit of spending more time outdoors is also being exposed to different ways of living as it can lead to a simple way of recreating, without engaging in technology such as mobile phones and digital cameras, which can be an effective form and useful bridge between the known or usual, and unknown environments.

Finally, the most explicit benefits of spending time outdoors are simple physical exercise and fresh air. Experiences outdoors provide healthy living and an opportunity to interact and build strong relationships with the environment. Head on over to www.americanheartassociation.com for more information on fresh air.